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Contribution’s services

Strengthen your company’s market share through pricing and updating your go-to-market.

Contribution optimises:

  • Target group’s feature and product preferences
  • Concept interest
  • Price strategy, price modelling and price level
  • Product portfolio cannibalisation
  • Segmentation

and supports:

  • Stronger business cases
  • Choice of right features / products before development
  • Optimised prices and capitalisation
  • Clarification of market potential
  • Stronger value proposition and go-to-market

Contribution clarifies:

  • Value proposition
  • Pricing
  • Price segmentation
  • Discounts and cost-to-serve
  • Price models, such as price adjustment

and supports:

  • Better pricing and increased capitalisation
  • Strengthened value selling basis
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Lean price processing and price politics
  • Defining brand value

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Generel information:

  • Published: 2020
  • Language Danish
  • Format: PDF
  • Price: Free

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